Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

traditional house in Lau Simomo

Im the tribe of Karo from Sinulingga clan. My father from sinulingga clan and my mother from ginting suka clan. Many people says that tribe of karo one of Batak. Everyone in Karo should have a clan from his father and so i am. I just can speak a little karo but this is enough help me did my field work in Lau Simomo where there are so many people from  tribe of karo live. Until now, many people from tribe of Karo still keep their tradition especially my family. This is traditional house from tribe of Karo in Lau simomo. This house so simple but so ethnic because you can find a carving in the wall. 

Traditional house in Lau Simomo is very old because these house was built in the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia. These house was built for people who have leprosy.

from side

look from inside