Senin, 03 Februari 2014


This picture was taken in my grandma's house in kabanjahe, Tanah Karo. I love this small town with amazing people in there. There are active volcano, Sinabung and Sibayak and still exist until now. In September, Sinabung is have been erupted and spewed dust. People who live in there was evacuated to a safe places. even the Volcanic ash up to my hometown in Medan. lately i hear news that sinabung is erupted again, i have family in there who live in foot of the mountain, the village name is beras sitepu. now the village is like a dead town. no people in there. This morning i hear bad news from church, my friend dead cause attacked by hot dust. he was there when sinabung  is erupted again. I felt so stupid because i just can stay in here without help them. I really want go to there but i can't. I hope sinabung stop. Let us PRAY FOR SINABUNG.