Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

Reason this year will be my last year in here

Haaaaahh..I felt so bored with my life. I'm in college now but still like a child. I live with my grandfather from my mom because my university so close from their house. My mom was told me before, live with my grandpa doesn't easy. He didn't like a women who life in his house come home lately. He had a strong rules, ya his rules just for girls and not for the boys. I can accept but not all of it. one rules is i must come home on time. if i come home lately, i must call my aunty before. I can go out until 7.00 p.m. I can accept it though if i hang out with my friends, i often come home lately until 8.00 p.m but i call home before. 

I can't go out in the night even though i have permission but for sure my grandpa never allow me. haha. I never have malming (malam minggu : young people in Indonesia, every Saturday night should go out for a date). i don't care with malming. I loved traveling but look at my situation now, poor me. My friends always had a traveling , not far still around north sumatra. It's doesn't spending much money. i still know my limit finance. I often feel envious with them. Sometimes i think it will be so easy if i were a boy. My grandpa doesn't have a strong rules for a man. My uncle when still in college can go anywhere he want without any permission. he ever don't back home until three days but never get a hit from my grandpa. I'm so envying with him. I know he did it cause keep a girl more hard and must have responsibility. 

i knew it but my grandpa too hard give us a strong rules. I can accept if he ask me not to come home lately, but i can't accept if he didn't give me a permission if i wanna go to traveling with my friends. Strong rules like that making my aunty didn't want have a job in Medan. haha. hard to say but i guess she doing that cause she can't live like that. She is a mature women who wanna have a fun day in his youth. if she live in here, she can get a happy life eheem like me now. Why i said that ? My aunty working in kalimantan. it was so far from Medan. One country but different island. when return to Medan, she wanna visit friend in Berastagi, it's two hours from Medan. let me guess, She felt so confused cause my grandpa didn't given permission. OMAAA!!! She sad and i felt sad too. She choose to take a job in Kalimantan cause she wanna feel a free live. AUNTY...YOU TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION.

I love my grandpa so much. We spending much time and had a sweet moments. more time we have more close. Since i'm a little, all his grandchild never close with him cause he is like a dictator. when i was in junior high school, I never close with him since I entered college, i started to understood his heart. I shocked cause he felt so sad that my cousin scared saw him. until i'm in college, they never saw grandpa except my sister. My uncle said that they don't wanna going to Medan. 

I can felt his pain feeling. He  began to changed a lot. My grandpa who i knew a dictator since i was a little was changed. He more sweet and not grumpy anymore. I treat him like my friends. i always laugh and smile(it's my bad habit) when he ask me about gospel once we had a family worship every sunday night. He know that i laugh cause i don't know about the answer. He was smiling and said "I know your answer from your laugh". He likes reading a book and bible, even i'm a student but i'm sure that he more clever than me. I loved grandpa but i can't accept his rules.  fortunately i have amazing parents. my mom said as far as i can keep my self, it's turn to me. Hoaa..i love Medan, my fam and friends but maybe this year will be my last. 

Senin, 03 Februari 2014


This picture was taken in my grandma's house in kabanjahe, Tanah Karo. I love this small town with amazing people in there. There are active volcano, Sinabung and Sibayak and still exist until now. In September, Sinabung is have been erupted and spewed dust. People who live in there was evacuated to a safe places. even the Volcanic ash up to my hometown in Medan. lately i hear news that sinabung is erupted again, i have family in there who live in foot of the mountain, the village name is beras sitepu. now the village is like a dead town. no people in there. This morning i hear bad news from church, my friend dead cause attacked by hot dust. he was there when sinabung  is erupted again. I felt so stupid because i just can stay in here without help them. I really want go to there but i can't. I hope sinabung stop. Let us PRAY FOR SINABUNG.