Selasa, 11 November 2014

Prom Dresses

My sister in second class in high school now. She told me before that she doesn’t want attend prom night next year because she doesn’t have a cute dress. I was so panic after listen what she said. I told her that she should go to prom night because it will be a sweet moment to closed your time in high school. After listen to me, she agree and would go to prom. That means I should buy new dress for her. I promise that I will makes her cute in her prom night but she must go. She didn’t need to think about prom because I will take care all of it. After talk I think again about what I said and felt so stupid. How can I make her beautiful while I know nothing about make up? I am girl but until my ages now, I still didn’t know how to put make up in my face. 

Suddenly, I remember all teen movie I have been watched. In movie all girl who will attended prom night will busy looking for a dress. They will spend all time just for one dress. They are more focus in dress. I think what important is a beautiful dress. I realized that what makes you beautiful not only from the makeup but the most important things is what you wear, and you feel confidence with yourself. I should focus what she will wear. And for make up, I will asks mom for help. We can put simple make up but we should buy a gorgeous dress for her because it’s just happen once in lifetime.

If you have a little sister, you will know what I feel. We always want give the best for our sister.  I still have one year looking for perfect dress for her. Where will I buy her prom dress? I’m looking for it in a few boutique and online shop but until now, I didn’t found it. Last day, I saw a web that sell prom dress uk. I’m so happy because there are a lot of beautiful prom dress. There is many dress we can choose. If you are in high school now and will be attend a prom night, but still confused about prom dress, you can looking for in here. There are many beautiful prom dress. The dress sell in here(your web) have many styles, colors and unique. It will fit in your body, very appropriate for every young girls."

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  1. Love it, sweetie ^_^



  2. it's a very kind of you, your sister must be very lucky to have you around :)

  3. Gorgeous dresses, super post ;)